Since 1980 the Firm has devoted its efforts to governmental accounting and auditing services. Our client base consists solely of federal, state and local governments, and, nonprofit organizations. An emphasis is placed on acquiring contracts with Federal agencies in a manner which compliments the capabilities of our professional staff. Various Federal OIG contracts have provided our Firm a diversified opportunity to grow as well as gain an understanding of the particular yet different needs of each grantor agency. We are confident that we have a complete understanding of the Federal audit approach as promulgated by the GAO's Government Auditing Standards. Our exposure to the different Federal OIG's has provided an understanding that Federal agencies have expended considerable effort in developing and tailoring their audit approach to emphasize and benefit their particular needs in a manner consistent with that of the GAO's Government Auditing Standards. We are located at 1111 Main Street, Suite 900, Kansas City, Missouri 64105.