Certified Public Accountants
Established 1980
Original GSA Contract: May 1998
Small Business

GSA Contract Number: GS00F097GA
Duns Number: 063683569

Current Contract Period:
May 29, 2017 through May 28, 2022

Professional Services Schedule

520-7 – Financial & Performance Audits
520-8 – Complementary Audit Services

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Point of Contact: Robert J. Lock
4151 N. Mulberry Dr. ,Suite 275
Kansas City, Missouri 64116
p. 816-221-4559
f. 816-221-4563


GSA Schedule


Customer Information for Ordering Activities
  1. Services Provided Under Awarded Special Item Numbers (SINs) -
    • ​​520-7 Financial Performance Audits
    • 520-7RC
    • 520-8 Complementary Audit Services
    • 520-8RC
  2. Rates – See rate table
  3. Maximum Order – $1,000,000
  4. Minimum Order – $100
  5. Geographic Coverage – Worldwide
  6. Point of Production – Kansas City, Missouri
  7. Discount from List Prices – Prices herein are net
  8. Quantity Discounts – None
  9. Prompt Payment Terms – None, Net 30 days
  10. Government Purchase Cards
    • ​​Accepted below micropurchase threshold
    • Not accepted above micropurchase threshold
  11. ​Time of Delivery – Varies per engagement
  12. Urgent Requirements – “Urgent Requirements” clause (I-FSS-14O-B) of its contract and agencies can also contact the Contractor’s representative to effect a faster delivery
  13. Ordering Address –
    • ​4151 N. Mulberry Drive, Suite 275
    • Kansas City, Missouri 64116
    • 816-221-4559
  14. ​Ordering Procedures – GSA/FSS Schedule homepage (
  15. Payment Address – Same as above
  16. Warranty Provision – Standard commercial warranty
  17. Terms and Conditions of Government Purchase Card Acceptance Above Micropurchase Threshold – Not applicable; see 9b
  18. Data Universal Number System (DUNS) Number – 063683569
  19. Central Contractor Registration (CCR; now System for Award Management, or SAM) – Active

Service Contract Act (SCA) Statement
"The Service Contract Act (SCA) is applicable to this contract and as it applies to the entire Professional Services Schedule and all services provided. While no specific labor categories have been identified as being subject to SCA due to exemptions for professional employees (FAR 22.1101, 22.1102 and 29 CFR 541.300), this contract still maintains the provisions and protections for SCA eligible labor categories. If and/or when the Contractor adds SCA labor categories / employees to the contract through the modification process, the Contractor must inform the Contracting Officer and establish a SCA matrix identifying the GSA labor category titles, the occupational code, SCA labor category titles and applicable wage determination (WD) number. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the contract."

Firm Experience

McBride, Lock & Associates, LLC formulated a business plan in 1980 to specialize in one area… and to do it well. This plan has resulted in a firm who has quietly built a reputation to serve the Federal, State and local governmental markets and not-for-profit entities with audit and consulting services…and doing it well.

We have served a large number of Federal agencies on a variety of audit and consulting services over the past 37 years. As a firm located in Kansas City, the heart of America, we have been able to reach out to perform audits throughout the county. Many of our Federal audit clients have taken us to State agencies, State universities, City governments, as well as private for profit and non-profit organizations receiving Federal Funds or who are regulated by Federal requirements. We are quite adept in learning the regulations and other requirements and applying our auditing and accounting skills in a fair basis in that service for the Federal agency and the entity being audited. This balanced and skillful approach has contributed to a growing and long lasting firm.


McBride, Lock & Associates, LLC has always pursued the highest standards in bringing quality professionals into our firm. We emphasize professionals who are graduates of respected universities who can communicate. Quite frankly, GPA is not our highest determinant in our hiring. While we do have a good number of high GPA professionals, we want and we have individuals who are hard-working and learn to audit the right way. The skill set and attributes that we have include:

 Good Communicator Professional Appearance
 Hard Working  Dedicated to doing it right
 Working Smart 


These attributes sum up our hiring practices and our professional staff. We are blessed to be served by top notch universities in the Midwest. We are also blessed to have a very affordable life style and high ethics in Kansas City. While our personnel are used to traveling throughout the country, we keep the Midwestern attitude. This attitude includes honesty and treating those we audit and serve with respect. We take the time to do it the right way.
Our staff all have accounting degrees, most with Masters' degrees and a high percentage with the CPA license. All of our team members have the same directive of respect and diligence in their efforts.

Our audit team consists of:

 Partner  Managers
 Senior Auditors  Staff Auditors



This team approach allows us to work smart, effectively and efficiently.